Mr. Cyril Bollers Q & A By George Da Silva

Cyril Bollers, Jamaican Ice hockey coach.

Photo Credit: M.Tait

 On September 6th, 2019, the Jamaica Men’s National Hockey Team played in their first International tournament against other National Latin American teams at the Amerigol LATAM Cup in Coral Springs Florida.  Cyril Bollers provided genuine leadership as the head coach of the team during the historic run. 

Bollers has been Involved in working closely with hockey players of diverse backgrounds and is no stranger to promoting diversity and inclusion on and off the ice.  From a quote from an interview by William Douglas from The Color Of Hockey Bollers notes “With the face of hockey changing, and more visible minorities becoming involved, eventually it has to change at the coaching level as well.”

Following in the foot steps of the most famous Jamaican Bobsleigh team, Jamaican Ice Hockey is forming their own identity and will continue to make headlines,  Jamaican Ice Hockey News.

Check the link below read George Da Silva's interview on  .  The Olympic run is now becoming solidified.



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