Jamaica’s Olympic hockey dream

Jamaica’s Olympic hockey dream

Jamaica's 2019 LATAM CUP Ice Hockey Team

Photo Credit: M_Tait: Jamaicanicehockey.ca 

“What’s holding us back right now is not having a rink,” said C.J. Bollers, Jamaica’s Toronto-based head coach. “Once we have the rink, then we can have a grassroots program in Jamaica.”

If one were to imagine the sound of sharp blades cutting into ice at high speed and uniforms featuring the vibrant black, green and yellow of Jamaica’s flag, it would be easy to visualize the four-man bobsled team of “Cool Runnings” fame.

The country did, after all, famously capture hearts at the Calgary Winter Olympics more than three decades ago, its crew of overmatched underdogs competing for a tropical nation at a major winter sporting event.

But one day in the not-too-distant future, with the help of some Canadians near and far along the way, Jamaicans could very well be back in the Olympic spotlight, slapping on a helmet and competing on the world stage.




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