Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation

 The building of a world class Ice hockey arena



Photo Credit: Matthew Fournier 


Jamaican Ice Hockey is overseen by the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Federation.  Team Jamaica has been an associate member of the (IIHF) International Ice Hockey Federation since 2012.  Currently, Jamaica is actively pursuing the 2026 winter olympics by securing investment in the building of a world class Ice hockey arena on the counties soil.  Jamaicanicehockey.ca was born with the intention to continue Jamaica’s historical sporting legacy in the sport of hockey, recognizing Graeme Townshend as the first Jamaican player to play in the NHL (National Hockey League). 


In 2017 Jamaica had completed the necessary ground work to assemble a powerful under 20 National Junior Team.  The first official game played was on April 14th 2017 in Nova Scotia Canada.  With intentions of highlighting Jamaica as being the first team from the Caribbean to be recognized as an associate member of the IIHF, it was a monumental ground breaking event. 


Photo Credit:  Markus Spiske


In 2019, Jamaica had completed all the necessary steps to be granted access to compete in the International  Amerigol Latin American Cup (LATAM CUP).  The International Latin American tournament held in Coral Springs Florida saw the Jamaican Men’s National Ice hockey Team excel on all levels.  It could be considered that the main goal was not only to win the tournament but also to gain the momentum needed to begin to establish an Ice facility in the country of Jamaica.

A break down of the historic win can be found here.  We will continue to follow the Jamaican ice hockey journey in the following years to come.   



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