10 Black NHL Players

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Jamaican Ice Hockey’s List of 10 Black Hockey Players that have had a generational effect on the game.  Black NHL players in no particular order. 


Willie O'Ree


We begin with Willie Eldon O'Ree, the legendary Canadian player known best for being the first black player in the National hockey League.  


1.  George Laraque:

If we could only look to a George Laraque in todays game to lay down “The Law.”   Tagged as an enforcer throughout most of his career, George Laraque was a physical force to be reckoned with on the Ice.

George Laraque

 2.  Ray Emery:

RIP Ray Emery.  Follow the link to CBC online for a more in-depth look at how Mr. Emery had an impact on the game of hockey and the NHL (National Hockey League).

3.  Wayne Simmonds:

Born August 1988, Wayne Simmonds has played in five hockey leagues and the NHL.  One of best years with the Philadelphia Flyers being the 2015-2016 with a total of 147 points.     

Wayne Simmonds

4.  Evader Kane:

4th overall draft pick in 2009 Evander Kane has a long future of hockey in front of him.  Securing his 1000th game milestone just before closing 2019, Mr. Kane is on his way to becoming a well seasoned veteran.    

 Evader Kane

 5.  Anson Carter: 

One of the first Black NHL players.  An inspiration to Black hockey players around the world and Black players hoping to play in the National Hockey League.  An Awesome sight to see, remembered for playing in Vancouver, Canada. 

Anson Carter

 6.  Mike Grier:

Currently an Assistant coach fr the New Jersey Devils, Mike Grier played a total 1060 official games in the National Hockey League.  Notably Mr. Grier is considered to be the first African American player in the history of the NHL to be exclusively trained the country.

Mike Grier

7.  Dustin Byfuglien: 

The Chicago Blackhawks drafted Byfuglien in 2003 as a defensemen.  Playing both forward and defence, showing a dominant role in 2010 in the playoffs with the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run. 

 Dustin Byfuglien

8.  P.K. Subban:

The first Montreal Canadiens rookie defence man to score a hat-trick in a game, March 20, 2011.  P.K. represented Canada in the 2008 and 2009 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships in the Czech Republic and Ottawa, Canada

P.K. Subban

9.  Grant Fuhr: 

As a World class goaltender Fuhr played for the Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Maple Leafs, and most notably the Edmonton Oilers.   

Grant Fuhr

10.  Jarome Iginla:

Iginla played over 1500 games in the National Hockey League.  A six time NHL all-star, Jerome has made history scoring over 600 goals and recording 1,300 points in his professional career.

Jarome Iginla


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