Morgan Campbell, an award winning sports writer based in Toronto raised some interesting questions in the Vancouver Star with an article titled: “ Black NHL players have been talking about racism for decades.  Why did it take so long to listen?”  Three questions in particular that may get to the heart of a conversation that can speak to the future of diversity in both professional and amateur hockey.

1. Who gets to enter locker rooms and decide whose stories are worth telling?

2. Who is both willing and equipped to report and write honestly about race and racism in hockey?

3.  Are those folks represented in the mainstream media outlets with the most resources and biggest platforms?


Photo Credit: Arthur Edelman @iamarthuredelman

 To be Black within the World of hockey in the 21st century has plenty of room for discussion and debate.  Check Mr. Campell’s experience from a sports media view point in the following link.  Click image below. 



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