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 Social media as we currently know it has come to design and re-design many aspects of social movements.   As we move into the third decade of the 21st century this trend will seem to continue.  Powered by recent comments of various figures in the Canadian, National, and International hockey world, the sport of hockey has begun to come under a microscopic lens  with the calling out of negative aspects within hockey culture itself. 

While issues of race and racial relations within the hockey world both professional and ammeter are not as well documented as they possibly could be, we know that the future of inclusion and diversity within the game should involve everyone.

Black girl hockey club


Take note of The Black Girl Hockey Club.  As conversations of representation are being had in arena’s not only North America but around the world.  The Black Girl hockey Club is one group of hopefully many more to come that can shine a light in the now exposed (but not new) negativity in the game and within the culture.  The Black Girl hockey Club is a shining example of bringing a sense of community to the game through the love of the sport. 

Founded by Renee Hess, a Black American in southern California, The Black Girl Hockey Club has been set as a prime example of change that can happen within the culture of hockey.  Focusing on hockey’s relation to gender and race Renee has created live hockey game meet ups for Black women all over North America. 

Those who are subject to ignorance due to how they look or where they come from should no longer be tolerated on the ice or within the walls of the dressing rooms.  Jamaicans at pays tribute to a group helping to bring others in.  Especially women of colour.   


Black girl hockey club


Check Renee’s links to the Patreon page as well as the web site to join and support. 

Here is short clip regarding the black girl hockey club on the Canadian public broadcast service.  Another example of how and why people from diverse backgrounds are working towards celebrating their love for the game of hockey.  Little things turn into big things, and with the first pro black female hockey player in North America Blake Bolden joining the crew the Black Girl hockey Club continues to grow in significance.  Kim Brunhuber of CBC News writes an article on the club and its growth.      

“When one black woman in the U.S. had trouble finding other black female hockey fans, she decided to do something about it.” 

Support diversity & inclusion in the game y'all.







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